Keeping Your Car A Little Cleaner

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Protect Your Car's Winter Tires By Filling Them With Nitrogen

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Car-racing movies and video games have made nitrogen oxide (NOx) famous for providing an instant boost of speed. Nitrogen isn’t just for late-night street races in movies and video games, though. Pure nitrogen, without oxygen, can be used to improve car tire wear – especially during the winter. This winter, to protect your snow tires, have them filled with nitrogen when you have the tires put on your vehicle. Here’s how nitrogen will keep them in good condition. Read More»

Change Your Car's Brake Pads On Your Own With These Simple Steps

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If your car needs its brake pads replaced, you may be able to save some money by doing the job yourself. The following offers an in-depth process that details how you can successfully change your own brake pads. Safety First Safety is always important when working on any aspect of your vehicle. Here are a few essential tips that can help you stay safe as you install your new brake pads: Read More»

How To Properly Double-Flare The End Of A Steel Brake Line

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If you have a section of brake line that needs replacing, the joint between the existing line and new section must be secure. Due to the forces generated inside brake lines under pressure, a compression fitting is not a good choice for most on-road automotive applications. That’s why creating a double-flared connection is your best, and safest, bet when working on brake lines. Flaring a brake line is not difficult as long as you have the proper tools. Read More»

4 Ways Diesel Trucks Are Better Than Gasoline Trucks for Commercial Drivers

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If you’re comparing gasoline powered trucks to diesel, you’ll no doubt find a number of differences. But diesel trucks have a few key advantages over gasoline, and when it comes to hunting down the perfect commercial truck for your business, understanding how those differences can affect you is crucial before making a purchase. Here are four areas in which diesel wins over gasoline. More Torque For most of those shopping for a commercial truck, finding one with speed is rarely a priority. Read More»